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Biking The Buckeye State

We’ve had some excellent bicycle tour guides. I think I’ve mentioned that is our new favorite way to tour a city. Slower than driving so you can really see the sites. Faster than walking so you can cover more ground.

Thanks to Dan B. for our great Harrison, Ohio tour, and to Liz and Wes for our super fun urban bike tour of Columbus! Now that we’re roadies, we’ll have to return the favor when you make it out to Utah.

We’ve also discovered some darn good mountain biking in the area, in Brown County, Indiana and at Idlewild Park with Matt.

Brown County State Park Mountain Biking

Brown County State Park, Indiana


  1. Liz says:

    Emily & Terry,
    I just want you to know that I grew up in Brown County. I was born in Bloomington, IN and I am very proud and even brag to say that I am a true Hoosier. My family vacations in the summer included camp-outs at Brown County State Park, Lincoln State Park, Turkey Run, McCormacks’ Creek, etc. I hope you guys get a chance to visit Nashville, IN one day on your travels. It’s a little tourist trap, but full of great restaurants, shops and little hippie stores. Kinda like PC.
    Miss you guys like crazy,

    1. Emily says:

      Liz – Indy is fab. Next time we have to go back to B-town! We were so close but just couldn’t swing it. Hope MO is treating you well.

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