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A Van Down by the River

If someone told you they lived in a van, what would your natural response be?

There’s a 56.39 percent chance that you would immediately ask, “in a van down by the river?”. I know this because that’s precisely how often we hear that response when we first tell people what we’re doing.

But little do you know, friends. We are actually living in a van down by the Ohio River. Eating a steady diet of government cheese. Mua, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Van Down by the River

Matt Foley would be proud.

The Real Full House Opening Credits

Is that Uncle Jesse in there?

Recipe for Trailer Parktinis

If you ever happen to be staying in an RV park on the Las Vegas strip, I might suggest this cocktail recipe.

Trailer Parktinis
2 ounces of vodka limon
Pomegranete juice to taste
A little club soda
Lemon garnish


Trailer Parktinis

Caution: Trailer Parktinis might make you dance.

Kirby Goes to Vegas

Kirby Goes to Vegas

Meet Kirby

Kirby the Van

Kirb Dawg

First van trip (use Borat voice): “great success!” We headed down to Moab last weekend to meet up with good friends Chrissy and Mike. The best part? Arriving at midnight and NOT having to set up our tent in the cold.

On the way down, after a week or so of tossing around names, we finally agreed upon one: Kirby. Kirby is a lover, not a fighter. And he shines like he’s brand new (although he’s probably in his mid 30’s in campervan years).

We got to test out all of the features in our new “home”. Stove, awning, solar panels, heater, stereo.

Eventually, after two fills and spills, an hour at the Moab True Value Hardware (thanks for all your help Wendy), and finally a call for help to the real Kirby (the former owner), we figured out the water tank. Glad we learned that lesson before the big trip.

Oh, and we also managed to squeeze in some biking and campfire time with some good old friends.

Chrissy and Mike's Setup

Chrissy and Mike are going cruisin' for a while, too. Here's their rig.