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Feeling Crabby

Famous Cannon Beach is about 30 miles down the 101 from Astoria. Which is funny, because in The Goonies, the kids ride their bikes to it. Either those kids were in great shape, or that Spielberg pulled one over on us all.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach


I love it when clouds do this.



We camped on the beach and found a little boat rental place that provided all of the crabbing essentials. They also cleaned and steamed your catch for you. Sounded like a good deal to us.


Emily's Crabbing Lesson 101: You mean all I have to do is throw those rings into the water...

crabbing it up

... pull them out ten minutes later...

e voilà

e voilà?

my try

Let me try that.


Hmm, this is a little heavier than it looks.


Exact quote: "Waaaa!"

brown pelican

Maybe I should just stick to taking pictures of the wildlife.

brown pelican

Hey look, a brown pelican.

cleaning the crab

Back at the docks, it was time to get our crabs cooked and cleaned.

crab heart

This is the part where they stab the crab's heart and give it to you to eat.

cooked crab

They turn such a pretty color.

crab cakes

Crab cakes a la Terry (and Zatarains)

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