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Lowang Oiland

This feels like spring break! From Montauk to Northport, the fun continued on “Lowang Oiland”. That is, if you say it in your best Long Islander’s accent (which I’ve grown kind of fond of).

We have to thank Cali for taking us out on his boat. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures of Cali. But let me warn you, he could kill a person with his calves. Seriously, if you ever meet him, ask him to show you.

northport harbor

Northport Harbor

jenn & todd

Jenn & Todd on Cali's boat


A beautiful day for a cruise.

Pete's Sailboat

Driving past Pete & Julie's sailboat

Jenn & Emily

Jenn and I hitch a ride to the next mooring.


A seaman's diet.

We took a break from sandals and swimsuits to go into the big city. It was great to see our friends Del & Caitlin and have lunch with Lauren from high school. Then, we did one of the most fitting of things a couple of Utahns could do with New York friends. We saw the Book of Mormon on Broadway.

I have no idea how Jenn scored the tickets with all the hype (just a few Tony Awards is all). Or the hook up on the amazing restaurant in Little Italy. I guess she called “her guy”.

The show was hilarious. We were belly laughing the entire time. From dancing Starbucks cups in hell to their love of Disney, Trey & Matt definitely take a few jabs at the Mormons. But the most shocking parts had nothing to do with Mormons. Just the typical, if still outrageous, South Park potty humor.

book of mormon

So, so, so funny. Not rated G. Not for the easily offended..

Book of Mormon Crew

The Book of Mormon crew on the roof.

terry & jen

Jenn & Terry

horseshoe crab

Adorableness. Maggie shows off her horseshoe crab shell.

pete & denise's view

Pete & Denise's amazing view in the harbor. Thank you for the deeelicious dinner and company!


  1. Mike says:

    Pappy Bob will apreciate the PBR.

    1. Emily says:

      I thought of that as well. I could eat a million fresh clams! So good.

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