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Strictly Cool

Gillian Welch. John Prine. Merle Haggard. Robert Plant. Patty Griffin. Steve Earle. Punch Brothers. Bela Fleck. Emmylou Harris. Buckethead. Can you imagine a festival that brings all of these amazing talents together? For free? In gorgeous Golden Gate Park? It’s real. It’s the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.

Music is so important to me and has been such a big part of this trip, we figured such an event would be a great way to bring our journey to an end. I was amazed. Although there were grips of people there, it was a very friendly event. At the end of each night, the moderator reminded everyone to pick up after themselves and take care of each other. And everybody actually did.

Thank you, Roger and Kim for letting us loiter around your place for the weekend. Viva California!

Gillian & Dave

Gillian & Dave.

mighty ducks

Mighty Ducks?

old friends

Not only does the guy tear it up on guitar and look good wearing a bucket on his head, he has sweet robot moves and nunchuck skills.



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