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Raw and Beautiful

It just keeps calling us back. The sea. So raw and beautiful. Especially in Northern California. I hope it stays this way forever.

“You know the way you smell when you first come home from the beach? Well, I want to make a cologne that captures the essence of that smell”
– Cosmo Kramer


"Even the upper end of the river believes in the ocean."


Redwoods provide a dark canopy and little glimpses of the sky.

on a beach somewhere...

On a beach somewhere...

bear tracks

Looks like a bear sniffed something out..

ocean life

Bear bite. Ocean life can be harsh.

terry tracks

Terry tracks.

seaweed snake

A seaweed snake (self named).

Two cuties

Two cute sea lions peeking out at us. I hereby name them Harry and Lloyd.

green seashell

Green sea thing


Cheers to the guy who invented the camera timer.

Surrounded by beauty

Surrounded by beauty

Goodnight, sweet ocean.

Goodnight, sweet ocean.

Feeling Crabby

Famous Cannon Beach is about 30 miles down the 101 from Astoria. Which is funny, because in The Goonies, the kids ride their bikes to it. Either those kids were in great shape, or that Spielberg pulled one over on us all.

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach


I love it when clouds do this.



We camped on the beach and found a little boat rental place that provided all of the crabbing essentials. They also cleaned and steamed your catch for you. Sounded like a good deal to us.


Emily's Crabbing Lesson 101: You mean all I have to do is throw those rings into the water...

crabbing it up

... pull them out ten minutes later...

e voilà

e voilà?

my try

Let me try that.


Hmm, this is a little heavier than it looks.


Exact quote: "Waaaa!"

brown pelican

Maybe I should just stick to taking pictures of the wildlife.

brown pelican

Hey look, a brown pelican.

cleaning the crab

Back at the docks, it was time to get our crabs cooked and cleaned.

crab heart

This is the part where they stab the crab's heart and give it to you to eat.

cooked crab

They turn such a pretty color.

crab cakes

Crab cakes a la Terry (and Zatarains)

On the Isle of Block

Imagine a magical island complete with friends, fresh seafood, sea breeze, ideal temps, clear water, great live music and bikes. Now wake up! You’re on Block Island!

Block Island is the first purely vacation-like thing we’ve done on our trip. We even left Kirbs behind, hopped on the ferry and stayed at the Narragansett Inn for the long weekend.

Cannot say enough about this island or group of people. Specifically, we need to thank Jenn & Todd for their generosity and their shared desire for all things fun! Every minute from the day we arrived to the day we left was genuinely perfect (it’s no surprise she’s a planner).

Block Island

One of many great beaches on Block Island

da beach

Biking, then hiking, to the beach


Spearfishing! Pete & Pat hunt out black fish.


A lovely place to sit.

colors of block island

Crystal clear water

rocks of block island

I want to scoop all of these colors up and take them home with me.

The Nag

Naraggansett Inn

Our pad

Our pad with Jenn & Todd

crabbing on block island

We try our hand at clamming. Thanks Pete & Pat for taking us!

caught a crab

Oops, caught a crab

clams from block

Our booty.

Lobster Linguini

Lobster Linguine with truffle oil... drooling!

the gang

Some of the gang at the 'Gansett

The Oar

The Oar

BI Art

Block Island art


Some kids in the harbor dumped these by our feet. Yikes!

Southeast Lighthouse

Southeast Lighthouse

Kirby, We’re Not in Utah Anymore

Coming from Utah where there is such a large chunk of public land, California took a little getting used to.

Utah Land

Give me lots of yellow, green and purple, please!

You mean, we can’t park wherever we want? No pulling up right onto the beach for the night? Hm. Guess it’s not the 1960’s anymore. Well, I suppose that’s the price you pay for all of the beauty this state has to offer. There’s a reason so many people live here! It’s absolutely breathtaking at every turn.

We got to San Diego on Terry’s birthday and my cousin Shelley trekked down from the Grand Canyon to spend Memorial Day Weekend with us. What a treat!

Shelley at Del Mar

Shelley pondering life at Del Mar

dead pelican

A wounded soldier washed ashore

Guitar Player on the Beach

Some tunes at sunset

Sunset at Del Mar

Sunset at Del Mar

Biking at Pacific Beach

Biking at Pacific Beach

Emily & Shelley at Mission Bay

Emily & Shelley at Mission Bay

Catamarans racing at Mission Bay

Catamarans racing at Mission Bay

The Kirbs at Mission Bay

The Kirbs at Mission Bay

Mini Golf

Mini Golf, Surfer Style

Balboa Park, Downtown SD

Balboa Park, Downtown SD