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Raw and Beautiful

It just keeps calling us back. The sea. So raw and beautiful. Especially in Northern California. I hope it stays this way forever.

“You know the way you smell when you first come home from the beach? Well, I want to make a cologne that captures the essence of that smell”
– Cosmo Kramer


"Even the upper end of the river believes in the ocean."


Redwoods provide a dark canopy and little glimpses of the sky.

on a beach somewhere...

On a beach somewhere...

bear tracks

Looks like a bear sniffed something out..

ocean life

Bear bite. Ocean life can be harsh.

terry tracks

Terry tracks.

seaweed snake

A seaweed snake (self named).

Two cuties

Two cute sea lions peeking out at us. I hereby name them Harry and Lloyd.

green seashell

Green sea thing


Cheers to the guy who invented the camera timer.

Surrounded by beauty

Surrounded by beauty

Goodnight, sweet ocean.

Goodnight, sweet ocean.

Kirby, We’re Not in Utah Anymore

Coming from Utah where there is such a large chunk of public land, California took a little getting used to.

Utah Land

Give me lots of yellow, green and purple, please!

You mean, we can’t park wherever we want? No pulling up right onto the beach for the night? Hm. Guess it’s not the 1960’s anymore. Well, I suppose that’s the price you pay for all of the beauty this state has to offer. There’s a reason so many people live here! It’s absolutely breathtaking at every turn.

We got to San Diego on Terry’s birthday and my cousin Shelley trekked down from the Grand Canyon to spend Memorial Day Weekend with us. What a treat!

Shelley at Del Mar

Shelley pondering life at Del Mar

dead pelican

A wounded soldier washed ashore

Guitar Player on the Beach

Some tunes at sunset

Sunset at Del Mar

Sunset at Del Mar

Biking at Pacific Beach

Biking at Pacific Beach

Emily & Shelley at Mission Bay

Emily & Shelley at Mission Bay

Catamarans racing at Mission Bay

Catamarans racing at Mission Bay

The Kirbs at Mission Bay

The Kirbs at Mission Bay

Mini Golf

Mini Golf, Surfer Style

Balboa Park, Downtown SD

Balboa Park, Downtown SD